Press Statement by Raksha Mantri Raj Nath Singh following India-USA 2+2 Meeting in New Delhi on 27 October 2020

"Secretary Pompeo, Secretary Esper, Dr Jaishankar, Members of Press, Ladies and gentlemen, I thank the Secretaries, their delegations and all members of US media who have travelled to India to meet us amidst the threat of Covid-19 pandemic.



Indian Navy gets its First Women Airborne Combatants to be Deployed on Warships

By Ayushee Chaudhary

Sub Lieutenant (SLt.) Kumudini Tyagi and SLt. Riti Singh will join as “Observers” in the helicopter stream. In an exclusive interview with Ayushee Chaudhary of SP’s Naval Forces, the two dynamic navy officers offered a first-hand experience of their personal as well as professional encounters and the development of their roles going further.


Protecting National Interests in Uncertain Times

By Admiral Sunil Lanba (Retd)

A secure internal and external security environment, provided by the military and other agencies will facilitate sustained growth and development of the nation. There is a renewed interest from the world to engage with India in this region as the strategic need to preserve peace, promote stability and maintain security across Indo Pacific is no long a regional necessity but indeed a global imperative.


Editor-in-Chief presenting SP’s Military Yearbook to Union Minister for Defence, Mr. Rajnath Singh

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    The Depsang Tangle

    By Lt. General P.C. Katoch (Retd)

    Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament Subramanian Swamy created quite a flutter on Twitter with his tweet on November 15 that read: “I asked a national security officer how could the Chinese PLA build such an extensive infrastructure in such short period in Depsang.

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