Vikrant - India's first indigenous aircraft carrier - to be delivered to Navy in 2021

By Vishal Thapar

Flight trials to commence after hand-over to Navy


Modest 6.8 per cent hike pushes India Defence Budget to $46.5 B

By Vishal Thapar

Defence imports exempted from Customs duty, boosting modernisation kitty by $3.6 B over 5 years; Central Police budget hikes India's security spend by another $14.4 B


Indian Navy takes a big leap towards electric propulsion of warships

By Vishal Thapar

Training facilities set up prepare personnel to power next generation platforms


US Defence sales to India likely to rise to $18 B in 2019

Ahead of Pompeo visit, State Deptt Fact Sheet says India-US bonds unbreakable, transcend political parties and Presidential administrations

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  • CDS Finally Coming
    By Lt. General P.C. Katoch (Retd)

    In his characteristic style, Prime Minister Narendra Modi surprised the nation on August 15 by announcing India will have a CDS to head the Army, Navy and Air Force.