SP's Naval Forces - June-July 2017

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Issue Features

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    Cover Story
    South China Sea A Cauldron of Conflicting Claims

    Liu Huaqing, who was heading People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) from 1982-88, contributed heavily towards the modernisation of PLAN and changed China’s maritime strategy from freedom of navigation to sea control in the ‘near sea’ region which applies to the First Island Chain and includes the South China Sea and East China Sea

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    Integrated Air and Missile Defence – A True Game Changer

    Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) is an essential, continuous mission in peace time, crisis and times of conflict, which safeguards and protects territory, populations and forces against any air and missile threat and attack and contributes to deterrence.

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    A Continuous Evolution: The Standard Missile-6

    The Standard Misile-6 was originally developed to defend ships against enemy aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles. Over the last four years, the missile has become a shining example of missile defense evolution.

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    Foreign Relations
    Indo-Japan Maritime Cooperation Revisited

    India is important to Japan due to its democratic values, large source of manpower, strong economic growth and its geopolitical important location in the centre of the SLOCs in the Indian Ocean-Pacific Region

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    Defence Coperation
    India and South Korea—Special Strategic Partnership

    The main edifice of the MoU rests upon developing and strengthening defence industry cooperation which will recommend the organisations for collaborating in core warship building projects

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    Conference Report
    Building India’s Future Navy: Technology Imperatives

    “It appears that a word namely ‘time’ has disappeared from the dictionary of Delhi work system. We need to bring back the work culture which is time-bound and cannot allow any execution/decisions/work outputs any slippages against the prescribed time lines,” said Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister...