Indian Navy launches large scale rescue operations to search for the missing Pawan Hans helicopter

January 13, 2018

Based on information on a Pawan Hans helicopter missing on 13 Jan 18, Indian Navy has launched large scale rescue operations to search for the missing helicopter. Four Indian Naval Ships (T11, T45, Tarasa and Teg), one Dornier aircraft and one Seaking helicopter have been deployed towards the area. The search efforts are being augmented by one P8I Long Range aircraft. In addition, CG ships and aircraft have also been deployed for SAR.

The helicopter took off from Juhu at 1006 h and was enroute to Oil Rig NQO in Mumbai High North, 92 miles North West of Mumbai. Communication with the helicopter was lost at 1036 h in position 37 nm from Mumbai. The helicopter had five passengers in addition to two pilots.

Additional ships and aircraft are being kept ready at Mumbai for deployment as and when required.

As per last inputs, the wreckage has been located in position 37 nautical miles from Mumbai and four dead bodies have been recovered so far (as on 1430 h on 13 Jan 18).