Extended Range 127mm Calibre Guns for Indian Navy

Issue: 6 / 2018

The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) is the highest decision making apparatus of the Ministry of Defence for capital procurements of the military hardware and is headed by the Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

The DAC has recently cleared the procurement thirteen 127mm calibre gun systems for the Indian Navy at a coat of 3,000 crore from BAE Systems of the United States.

These guns are a long outstanding requirement of the Indian Navy and would be procured from BAE Systems under the Buy (Global) category of the Defence Procurement Procedure at an approximate cost of over 3,000 crore.These guns will be fitted on board new surface combatants to counter military engagements at sea. These guns will enable naval ships to provide fire support and engagement of targets on the land, as well. Naval Gun Fire Support (NGFS) is vital operation undertaken for softening of hostile Beaches in a classic amphibious assault to facilitate safe landings of own amphibious assault units launching combatants, armoured vehicles, weapons, etc.

These guns have a range of 24 km, which could be extended further by using a different type of ammunition called Extended Range Gun Munitions (ERGM). These guns are installed on board surface ships and are used by the US Navy and primarily used in conflict zones where firing a surface to surface missiles are not viable.