Ultrafast Anti-Ship Misiles for sale

Issue: 1 / 2019

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp (CASIC), the nation’s largest maker of missiles, has brought the CM-401 supersonic anti-ship ballistic missile to market, saying it is capable of making rapid, precision strikes against medium-sized or large vessels, or against land targets. It said that the weapon uses a “near-space trajectory”, which means it flies between 20 and 100 km above the earth, and that it maneuvers at hypersonic speeds throughout its flight. The missile will ascend to a certain altitude until its target is acquired. It will then enter an ultrafast terminal dive toward the target. According to the CASIC, the missile flies at an average speed of 1,360 m/sec or 4,900 kmph (Mach 4), during most parts of the flight, and reaches a maximum velocity of more than 2,000 m/s (Mach 6) as it approaches the target. It can carry a 290-kg warhead and has a maximum strike range of 290 km and a hit rate of 90 per cent.