US Navy’s plan 2020

Issue: 5 / 2019

In September 2019, the Navy’s fleet numbered 290 battle force ships—aircraft carriers, submarines, surface combatants, amphibious ships, combat logistics ships, and some support ships. The Navy’s 2020 shipbuilding plan reflects its 2016 force structure assessment and sets a goal of building and maintaining a fleet of 355 battle force ships. Toward that goal, the Navy would buy 304 ships over the 2020–2049 period: 247 combat ships and 57 combat logistics and support ships. If the Navy adhered to the schedule for retiring ships outlined in the 2020 plan, it would meet the goal of 355 ships in 2034 and maintain that number through at least 2049. The Department of Defense (DoD) submitted the Navy’s 2020 shipbuilding plan to the Congress in March 2019. The average annual cost of carrying out that plan, which covers fiscal years 2020 to 2049, would be $31.0 billion in 2019 dollars, as per the Congressional Budget Office estimates.