Flameproof Cable Testing Facility

Issue: 4 / 2020

Shipbuilding requires special cables that are non-combustible and self-extinguishing. Marine cables should specifically have the property of resisting flame propagation. ERDA is well equipped for all types of fire behaviour related testing for cable. It has one of the prime laboratories which is facilitated to evaluate all types of cables up to 245 kV voltage rating.

Tests for Fire retardant cables

To evaluate the flammability characteristic of cables and the insulating materials, various tests are specified. The Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) has also included various flammability tests in cable specifications.

  • Oxygen Index Test
  • Flame Retardant Test on Single Cable
  • Flame Retardant Test on Bunched Cable
  • Temperature Index Test
  • Flame Retardant Test (Swedish Chimney Test)
  • Smoke Density (3M3 Chamber) Test
  • Smoke Density Test
  • Acid Gas Generation Test
  • Fire Survival Test (For Category C, W & Z)
  • Toxicity Index Test
  • Fire survival test facility of cable as per BS 8491 and BS EN 50200

Major test facilities available at ERDA

Following test facilities are available at ERDA for evaluation of FR, FRLS, LSZH and fire survival cables as per national and international standards at ERDA’s state-of-the-art testing facilities.

  • Oxygen Index & Temperature Index test facilities
  • Smoke Emission – 3 cubic meter chamber
  • Toxicity Index
  • Flammability Test as per IS, IEC, ASTM, SS-424/1475
  • Flammability test on Single Cable
  • Flammability tests on bunched cables as per IS, IEC, BS
  • Fire Survival test facilities– Category C, W and Z